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Divided into two sections; this store represents Aya’s sophistication merging with Mounaz’s artistic side. The space is defined by two main directional lines that extrude into triangular volumes forming a strong dynamic form; emphasizing the two artists’ different personalities and how they eventually come together in harmony to create the synergy between the two sisters while curating for their brand.

into the rod

The Split between Two Voices

Mounaz' Vision

Is very much inspired by history and jewelry. Her aesthetic is loud and energetic. She loves mixing the colors gold, black, and silver together and always leans towards the brass metal.

Aya's Vision

Is on the minimal, subtle side and feel of things. She’s more inspired by leathers and loves to create form and shape, toning down Mounaz’ loudness. The brand has a balance between setting trends in terms of applying new applications to leather works and reviving historical jewelry.

Classic Ongoing

The timeless, the classic, and the collectables.

From Head to Toe

We create art for art's sake. Each piece is inspired by a story to tell a story. We design carriable and wearable art for the unique and the bold.

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